Club News

Club competition entry forms are available now on the main
Gents Notice Board for 2 and 4 Bowl pairs & Triples competitions.
Entry fee is £1 per head in all 3 competitions & must be paid when submitting
the entry form to the office.
Closing date is Sunday 24th October.
Syd Watson
Match Secretary

It has been agreed by the Treasurer/Committee that Annual subscriptions will not require to be paid until January 2022, when the level of Subscriptions will be re-assessed and intimated to members. 

Rink fees will however require to be paid at each presentation to play.  They remain unchanged at £2.50 (members) and £4 (non-members).
No cash will be handled, card payment only.

Please read the following information on procedures to ensure a safe return to bowls:

  1. All rinks (apart from League play) must be pre booked through the office. No “turn up and play/practice” or spectating, as the numbers allowed in our hall are to be kept to a minimum.

  2. Entry is via the newly created side entrance door. Car parking is extremely limited and bowlers should (where reasonable) car share or walk to the bowls hall.

  1. Entry for wheelchair users is via the cafeteria main entrance. If a pusher is required, they must be a family member or recognised carer. No being kind and helping, as social distancing applies for everyone.

  1. A face covering must be worn in all areas of the leisure centre and bowls hall, though they are optional while playing the game or when seated. If going to the toilet, including during a game, a face covering must be worn.

  1. On entry and exit hands should be sanitisedObserve 1 metre social distancing at all times and adhere to floor markings and signs.

  1. The track and trace book must be filled in if not playing a league game. Scorecards will be used for track and trace purposes in league games, therefore ALL, First and Surnames must be printed and legible. If playing a knockout game or practice session, the ‘Track and Trace’  book must be filled in.

  2. Please do not linger on the narrow green surrounds but take your bowls to the rink on which you are playing.

  3. No handshake or other contact greeting allowed, and no shouting to other end of the rink. Use hand signals.
  4. Sanitised round mats will be at the office end of each rink, two per team, each team using a different colour. Areas of mats will be marked for Lead and Skip and should always be handled at the correct end. Please return mats to office end of rink after play.
  5. Sanitised jacks, one per lead (yellow and white) will be at the office end of each rink. Please return them there after your game. The lead using the yellow jack must use the yellow mat. Throughout the match the jack should be set by foot and NOT hand.
  6. When a jack or bowl goes into the ditch, it should be left to be picked out by the person that delivered it, unless jack/bowls lifter is used, which must be sanitised after use. Similarly if a ditch marker is used/touched it is required to be sanitised immediately after use. Sanitiser will be at the end of each rink.
  7. When a bowl has touched the jack it can be marked by spray chalk ONLY. A limited number will be for sale at the office.
  8. After your game put on face covering as soon as possible and sanitise your bowls and other personal bowling gear (gloves, shoes) either at the locations provided or at home.
  9. Please leave the hall promptly by the normal exit to allow for preparations/sanitising touch points for the next session.

Your committee are delighted to welcome you back to the Allander Indoor Bowling Club, but we could not have done this without the assistance of the SIBA and the Allander Centre Management to which we are indebted.

Your safety and wellbeing is our major consideration, and we ask that you follow these rules so that everyone can have a safe return to bowls. 


If you are new to the game and would like to try, then please phone us on 0141 943 0655 to book a rink.
For beginners, special sessions are available with recognised coaches.

Bowls and shoes available if required.

About us

Allander Indoor Bowling Club logo
We were established in 1977 following the opening of the Allander Leisure Centre. The hall comprises five rinks and is considered one of the finest greens in the West of Scotland.

The club has Ladies, Gents and Senior Gents teams in the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association’s West Section and the Glasgow and District Indoor Bowling association’s leagues.


A junior session, for up to age 18, takes places on Saturday mornings from 0900 until 1100. These sessions cost £1 and are open to both members and non-members (starting date tbc).